From the OSU Lantern June 1920

University rifle team, in its first shoot of the season defeated Indiana University April 24. 1104 to 1060. Each team fired on its home range, and the shots were transmitted by telegraph for scoring. On the same plan, Ohio State defeated Illinois by a score of 1113 to 1069. On May 8 the Buckeyes team out shot DePaul University 1126 to 1082.

From the OSU Lantern February 1921

1921 Range

Rifle contests between seven colleges and Ohio State have been scheduled by the Department of Military Science for a championship shoot. The teams of six men each will shoot on the indoor range pictured above and the results of the match will be wired to the opponent, contesting that day.

Indiana on February 15 will be the first match. The contests follow as they have been scheduled. DePaul, March 1; Illinois, March 8; tentative date with Colgate, March 15; Michigan, March 22; Wisconsin. April 5; Cornell, May3' Johan Hopkins, Syracuse and Columbia have been challenged but no date has been set for them.

Plans are being made to organize a faculty team, on which will be a shooting Olympian from the games this past summer at Antwerp Belgium.


From the OSU Lantern July, 1921

Shooting to a victory, the Ohio State Rifle Team came out victorious in the Intercollegiate Meets this year with a total of 176 points over all opponents.


From the OSU Lantern, October 1922


Ohio State men won the Intercollegiate Rifle Meet held at Camp Knox, KY., during the second week in august. J.T. Mazelli, 23 was the high point man, getting a score of 296, three more than is necessary as an expert rifleman.


From the OSU Lantern, date unknown but after 1948


A rifle team was recognized as a "minor" sport team by board action March 8, 1922. This activity was really sponsored by the Military Department and its recognition was largely a matter of good relations with that department.


From the OSU Lantern, February 1923


Co-ed Named on Rifle Team Elizabeth A. Falter, Columbus, who was a freshman in the College of Medicine last Quarter, was named a member of the varsity rifle team and then proved to the men that she had gained the honor by shooting a perfect score of 100 in the match between Ohio State and Boston University a few days after she had been elected. The Buckeyes made a score of 496 out of a possible 500. Ten persons from each team take part in the shoot, the score of the five high persons counting.


From the OSU Lantern, March 1923

1923 Team

At 50 feet any of these girls can perforate an ordinary restaurant square of butter centered in a common, kitchen variety skillet 95 or more times in 100 tries. They made the University girls rifle team by approximating that skill. After having been shaded by Depaul 487 to 485, the Ohio State knickered marksmen outscored Michigan co-eds 896 to 858.

Elizabeth M. Falter, second from the left sighting on her rifle, holds the distinction of being the first girl to break into the previously solidly masculine line-up of the Varsity rifle team and ringing a perfect 100 score as her contribution toward the Ohio State total against Boston College. Standing third from the left in the back row is Dorothy Calkins, sophomore, the daughter of George Calkins, 1895, Buffalo, former alumni president.


1923 Varsity Rifle Team

Captain E. G Herlihy --- Coach

Sergeant D.M. Beard --- Assistant Coach.

T. P. Lewis -------------- Captain

Team : R.D. Barden, R.I. Beerbower, V.W. Corfman, H.J. Elliott, E.M. Falter, E. Freeman, J.C. Hammond, C.B. Hildreth, V.A. Jackson, T.P. Lewis, J.H Lintner, W.F. Lyons, F. B. Mazelli, H.E. McFarland, M.T. Morgan, R.L Urbans



OSU -------------------------------- 496 Boston ----------------------------- 498

OSU -------------------------------- 498 Pennsylvania --------------------- 491

OSU -------------------------------- 993 Lafayette ------------------------- 932

OSU -------------------------------- 497 Harvard -------------------------- 486

OSU -------------------------------- 945 DePauw ------------------------- 879

OSU ------------------------------- 3701 Illinois --------------------------- 3437

OSU ------------------------------- 499 Maine ---------------------------- 491

OSU ------------------------------- 3680 Nebraska ------------------------ 3247

OSU ------------------------------ 1936 Iowa ----------------------------- 1940

OSU ------------------------------ 3554 Michigan ------------------------ 3550

OSU ----------------------------- 1912 Florida -------------------------- 1705

OSU ----------------------------- 1937 West Virginia ------------------ 1856


The Ohio state University Varsity Rifle Team 1924







The Ohio state University Varsity Rifle Team 1925




The Ohio state University Varsity Rifle Team 1926





The Ohio state University Varsity Rifle Team 1927








Note: front row 1st from Right has a Winchester 52 A, 2 nd from Right has a 1905 BSA rifle and the 3 rd from the left has a tube sight on a Winchester 52. All others seem to have Springfield’s.






Note: This picture was marked as 1927 – 28 Team and is signed as such. Anyone that could add to any of this please let us know.


The Ohio state University Varsity Rifle Team 1928








The Ohio state University Varsity Rifle Team 1929













Note: Another picture marked 1929. Not sure of the year as some of the faces match but not all.