Message from the President

OSU Varsity Rifle Team Booster Club

President's Message

August 2016

By Todd Lucal

With this being the first newsletter since the election at our annual meeting, I thought that I should introduce myself. I was a member of the OSU Varsity Rifle Team from 1995-1999, serving as CoCaptain the last two seasons. After graduation, I joined the OSU Varsity Rifle Team Booster Club (booster club), serving  as Trustee, VP, Membership Director, and current President; providing technical support for the website and social media page; and, and publishing the last two newsletters.

As President, I would like to take the opportunity to open a conversation and collect feedback from our membership on two main recommendations proposed to the board. The first topic is developing means of better engaging our membership; the second involves changing the composition of the club board of directors.

The favored response to engaging membership is to run special events, such as hosting a tailgating event at one of the
home matches. Spectator attendance at matches has substantially increased over the last few seasons, largely due to Ryan's success at running all matches with electronic targets and large viewing screens in the lounge and range. As a result we will be hosting a tailgating event at the range when OSU hosts WVU on 10/22/16.

Secondly, we have also been discussing the possibility of a "member's fun shoot" at Converse Hall for booster members and alumni. This would be an open house and an opportunity for the membership to use some up-to-date equipment including firing on electronic targets. It would give those that maybe haven't picked up a rifle since their time on the team to see what has changed coupled with meeting other alumni and boosters

Finally, as most of you are aware, the NCAA's will be returning to Columbus on March 10-11, 2017. OSU is excited to host the event and we would like to invite all booster club members to put the date on your calendar now and plan to attend the festivities to support the OSU team. This March in Akron, OSU had the largest group of fans in the stands, and we want to be an even greater force for 2017!

 As to possibly changing the composition of the booster club's board positions, this action would require a bylaws change and vote at the next annual membership meeting. This past year, a parent has served in a trustee position, and we have discussed how we could arrange for a dedicated board position for a parent only to fill. It appears that the board has two options to accomplish this change; one would be to reduce the number of existing trustee positions by one and replace it with a "Parent Advisory" position, retaining the current number of board positions. The other option is to add the "Parent Advisory" position in addition to another seat so that the overall number of voting positions remains an odd number. Parents still would have the option to run for any of the other positions as long as they are a member in good standing.

The other additional position could be for one more trustee or a specified role such as a Communications Director. Historically, communications has been a shared responsibility by board members or volunteers that have been willing to donate their time. A concern that we
have of creating a communications position is, would we have anyone interested in that role?

If you are interested in providing feedback on the proposed events, the possible changes to the board, or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact the board at or me directly at or via

PO Box
3113, Columbus, OH, 43210